How to Find a Good Roofer
11/30/2021 PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com
Roofing work is a big, expensive job: When you’re looking for a roofer, you need someone you can trust.
Veterans can now get exclusive travel deals and discounted rates through American Forces Travel.
11/17/2021 PSVB
As of July 2021, all Veterans with a discharge status of honorable or general under honorable conditions are eligible
Veteran's Day 2021 Deals
11/11/2021 PSVB
Come see the list
9 Obstacles Every Entrepreneur Will Face With Their Startup
4/6/2021 PSVB
In this video Patrick Bet-David breaks down the 9 obstacles all entrepreneurs will face when starting a business.
Joe Kent is an Army veteran, Gold Star husband and father
3/10/2021 PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com
Veteran runs for Congress
3-3-3 Radio Plan for SHTF Communications
1/12/2021 Radio Master Reports
This is the “When, Where, and How” to make radio contact with each other for SHTF.
Antifa the Movie
11/1/2020 PSVB
Why doesn't President Trump end the violence?
8/30/2020 PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com
We have seen unprecedented violence and mayhem in blue states and blue cities.
Helping Veterans and Active Duty Military Cope With Social Isolation
8/3/2020 (StatePoint)
With the additional challenge of social isolation, finding ways to combat depression, anxiety and loneliness is critical.
Defending Ourselves in Case the Country Falls Apart
8/1/2020 Jeff Minick
Prepare for a radical coup in the United States
"A Time for Choosing" by Ronald Reagan
6/4/2020 PSVB
Watch a special "Remembering A Time For Choosing" video here
When Businesses Bolt From Blue States - So will your JOBS!
5/26/2020 PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com
Are you ready?
Digital Business Cards - Hands Free - Pivot with Technology
5/4/2020 PSVB
Learn how you can benefit from a digital business card.
Totalitarianism doesn't shock us any more
5/3/2020 PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com
Politicians are drunk with power. The power is intoxicating and addictive.
10 NEW Rules Of Money
4/27/2020 PSVB
10 NEW Rules Of Money
Are the Coronavirus books being cooked?
4/12/2020 PSVB
You decide
Help for Restaurant Owners - Business Loans - No financials required
Ballad of the Green Beret Being Changed?
2/28/2020 PSVB
Following the Marine Commandant's removal of Confederate History and the Air Force service anthem being changed to a gender neutral tone...
Get your tickets to the South Sound Business Summit!
2/8/2020 Ranger Dave
Pierce County's great business summit is back for it's 5th year and it's only getting better!
South Sound Business and Career Expo
2/8/2020 Ranger Dave
Thurston County's greatest business event of the year!
BOHICA! Washington State House Passes Low-Carbon Fuels Standard AND introduces new gas tax bill!
1/30/2020 PSVB
Why have one gas tax bill when government can throw two of them at you!
"Close the Deal" FREE Webinar
1/19/2020 PSVB
International Best Seller & Sales Champion
A New Way to Feature Jobs - Visit DiscoverJBLM.com
1/19/2020 PSVB
There is a new way to feature your employment opportunities.
Pierce County Major Employers List 2019 Announced
1/1/2020 The Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce C
272 Qualify as Pierce County’s Major Employers
Resolving to Start a Business? Website Trends to Consider for 2020
12/22/2019 Statepoint
Website Trends to Consider for 2020
Tips for a Stress-Free Tax Season
12/22/2019 Statepoint
Taxes are an unavoidable fact of life.
Understanding a Veteran with PTSD
11/22/2019 Maryville University
Servicemen and women oftentimes face unique challenges when leaving active duty and readjusting to civilian life.
Free Business Counseling for entrepreneurs and small business owners
7/8/2019 PSVB
Learn how you can get free counseling for your business endeavors
You're Invited: Complimentary training to create a Sales and Marketing Planning
6/9/2019 PSVB
Each year, my mentor, Eric Lofholm teaches a virtual class on how to create a written plan for the second half of the year. He started teaching the class in 2003.
Transitioning Military Help
9/12/2018 PSVB
A list of places that you can use for transitioning help.
Veterans - Learn Franchising Online
9/12/2018 PSVB
Learn how franchising has worked so well for thousands of military Veterans across the nation.
Can the Navy’s Million-Dollar Zombie Game Turn You Into a Super Soldier?
7/30/2018 PSVB
Are you a gamer? Can the Navy’s Million-Dollar Zombie Game Turn You Into a Super Soldier?
Pacific NorthWest's Great BBQ Event - Brought to you by Veterans!
7/20/2018 PSVB
Come visit the greatest BBQ event in Dupont, WA - Aug 18 & 19 Hudson's Bay Heritage Days BBQ Competiton & Family Event
7/16/2018 StatePoint
How to Help Military, Overseas Citizens Vote in Midterm Elections
Where can Veterans Enjoy the Fireworks?
6/24/2018 PSVB
JBLM is only open to ID Card holders and their guests. So where can Veterans go for the 4th of July?
Solar your Home and gain independence!
6/16/2018 Solar
Save thousands on your electric bill with $0 down solar.
How to Build Better Relationships to Advance Your Career
6/9/2018 StatePoint
One of the primary keys to success is learning to identify the fundamental characteristics of your co-workers, and developing strategies to work with each type of boss, co-worker or client you come across.
How Do I Ignore the Naysayers?
6/3/2018 PSVB
My insights.
JUNE 23rd -  Hawks Prairie Summer Block Party at Black Hills Gymnastics
6/3/2018 PSVB
Come enjoy a day of fun in Lacey, WA at Black Hills Gymnastics!
Starbucks Closing for 2 Hours Tuesday
5/28/2018 Starbucks
Starbucks Closing for 2 Hours Tuesday - You can see the video.
2018 Memorial Day Weekend
5/26/2018 PSVB
We provide a list of things to do for Memorial Day and special offeres from local businesses to honor our fallen and their families.
Loans for Your Business
5/26/2018 PSVB
Looking for a business loan $5000 to $750k?
Diet vs. Exercise: Which is Better for Weight Loss?
5/24/2018 (StatePoint)
Diet vs. Exercise: Which is Better for Weight Loss?
5 Ways to Make Math Part of Your Kids' Daily Lives
5/24/2018 (StatePoint)
5 Ways to Make Math Part of Your Kids' Daily Lives
Multiple Event Deal
5/8/2018 PSVB
HUGE events in the PNW that we can bundle to give you access to over 130k attendees! Check it out!
MilSpouseFest2018!  May 17th Register Now
5/7/2018 PSVB
It doesn’t matter if you’re a “seasoned” spouse, a newbie, or somewhere in between...#MilSpouseFest2018 is for you!
Been There Done That
5/3/2018 PSVB
Veteran prints shirts in Seattle!
Where do you go when you need a bike?
5/2/2018 PSVB
Come check out a Veteran bike shop in Lacey.
Funding Programs for Military Spouses
4/30/2018 PSVB
Eligible military spouses get $4,000 to put toward training.
How do you get more sales?
4/28/2018 PSVB
Contrary to the myth that you have to be a born salesman, selling is a step-by-step system that anyone can learn.
Free Goal Setting Course for Puget Sound Veteran Businesses
4/27/2018 PSVB
FREE goal setting course for all of those who would like to learn new methods and techniques to set your future goals.
Time Management
4/26/2018 PSVB
Master the Art of Time Management
Vets Park in Rainier, WA
4/24/2018 PSVB
Come see more about the Veteran Park in Rainier, WA. Get to know the state and tributes to our brothers and sisters.
JBLM Spouse Club Launched!
4/2/2018 JBLM Spouse Club
JBLM Spouse Club Launched!
The 6th Annual Veterans Resource Fair
4/1/2018 PSVB Reporting
Tacoma Dome Resource Fair and Stand Down
American Pride Bookkeeping
12/27/2017 Jerry
The advantages of using QuickBooks for your growing business
Resume Tips and Tricks
12/27/2017 Suzanne Rector
Resume Tips and Tricks
The Truth Behind the 12 Days of Christmas
12/24/2017 Scott Hollis
The Truth Behind the 12 Days of Christmas
iRest: A new frontier for healing
11/17/2017 Allegra Antwine
Meditative practice helps combat PTSD for soldiers and civilians alike By Allegra Antwine on November 17, 2017
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Why join PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com?
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"Why should I join PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com?" We give you some of the great reasons.