American Flag Concealed Gun Cabinets

6119 S 240th CT
Kent, WA 98032
United States

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Hand crafted, uniquely designed for easy open and closing. Very durable and long lasting, made with premium materials. And special care is taken to make sure that these flags are built to regulation specifications.

Flag dimensions are 39.5"x 20"
The cabinet is 18"x36" outside / 16.5x34.5 interior
The cabinet is 3" deep. Plenty of room for any weapon setup.

The wood is stained with premium interior urethane to eliminate unwanted vapors.
The stars are coated in "glow-in-the-dark" paint to help you locate the cabinet and your guns in the dark.

Many custom orders are welcome. I will take the time with you to design exactly what you want for your needs.

Below is a set of size and materials.


The Patriot $250 base
•50"x28.5" Flag
45"x23.5" Inside box
(fits 2 full size hunting rifle w/scope and 4 pistols)

The American $225 base
•40"x22.8" Flag
35"x16.5" Inside box /36x18 outside
(fits AR-15 and 4 pistols)

Little Joe $180 base
•30"x17.4" Flag
25"x12.4" Inside box
(fits AR pistol / diagonal rifle and 2 pistols)

Materials and Color Options

All boxes are made of 5/8" " apple core" plywood.

•White Pine (Black and white burned) +$30
•White Pine, Red Wood, Blue Pine. +$55
•White Oak, Blue Pine, Red Cedar . +$65
•White Oak, Black Walnut . +$110
•Douglas Fir (painted and glossed) . +$15
•Colored stripe to honor your service member (Free)

•Precut foam inset $25 (just send us the names of the gun types you have and any mounts your have on them)
•Or You can cut out the shape of your guns yourself with a blade. Read Less
Military Discounts Available
He is not customer oriented. He made a special flag for fallen officers and messed up the placement of the thin blue line. I contacted him to get it fixed and he only would meet at places close to him. He also forgot about both the drop off date and pickup date causing us to wait around and change the location of the meeting place on the fly. Then he also charged us for his fixing his mistake on the flag which didnt make sense to me when he screwed it up. I am a strong supporter of veterans especially since my family has plenty of current and former veterans in it but with the way he did business with us gives a bad name to other small veteran own businesses that care about their customer base.

Gabriel Short